Long ago in a far away desert, vast land there wandered a man, a missionary soul among the native people of the Mojave. A man of great faith, Father Guido Junipero and his burro Pancho traveled for days living on fresh game, snakes, and roadrunner stew.

This poor father suffered from indigestion while his burro suffered under him. One evening around a campfire, after a particular fine meal of jack rabbit stew, Father Guido passed gas and spooked poor poncho, who quickly snorted in disgust, kicked up his heels and ran off, leaving the father to survive on his own.

Fortunately the stars were on the father’s side, for a band of wandering indians soon arrived, singing from a distance, their song of a campsite “O-P-Hew”. After feasting on more jack rabbit stew and retrieving the stubborn burrow all the happy wanderers departed for more pleasant hunting grounds, leaving behind the foundation still standing for THE FIRST GAS STOP

Over the years, “O-P-Hew” became an outpost for wanderers heading in all directions, a pleasant memory for all, preserved in traditions of the past, slowly changing to the Outpost we know and love today.

“The Place for meetin’, eatin’ and gettin gas.”



(760) 949-0808


8685 US 395

Oak Hills, CA 92344


5am - 10pm Daily